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Poster Printing in Sydney, we print all types of posters ranging from non-sheen to fabric posters  to show and attract your audiences. Our poster printing can be done in less than 24 hours turn around.
We are your one-stop-shop for standard and custom poster printing in Sydney. Our simple order process is supported by our fast delivery and excellent customer services. We have been serving our customers for over ten years so you can trust us with your poster printing. If you have questions, we will be happy to help.

Call us on 02 9281 3799

Wall Posters

Research Posters


Sticker Poster

Best Cheap Poster Printing In Sydney

They are a simple, yet very effective way of communication for events, conferences, product launches and many more. Make your poster stand out and pulls the attention of the audience by having a high quality design that communicate. In today online designing platforms, posters can be easily designed and have all the necessary information and visual attractiveness to the the brand identity.

At Unique Print, we can print all kinds of posters. You name it! Small or Large sized, horizontal or vertical, indoor or outdoor. Our full colour posters are bold, eye-catching and of an unbeatable quality on the market!

We start production at as little as 1 poster and to hundreds, which allows you to print the exact amount you need for your promotion, without wasting any additional copies. We offer our poster printing services in all of Sydney areas. If you need a fast turnaround don’t hesitate and contact us and make a rush order! Your posters will be ready for collection in minutes.

Fabric Poster Printing

Have a research poster that needed printing? Fabric poster printing is available now at Unique Print. Fabric posters are an best alternative to paper posters that allow for wrinkle free rolling and extra protection from scratching and tearing. They are popular with scientific printing requirements as well as businesses that travel to trade shows who want to be able to re-use the same posters again and again. They are light enough to put in a bag and travel, but still provide robust protection for your posters from the weathers and wrinkles.

Poster Sizes

There are 4 popular poster sizes used in large format poster printing. These are typically A2 (Small 594mm x 420mm), A1 (medium 841mm x 594mm) and A0 (large1189mm x 841mm).

Across the world, these are commonly referred to as the international standard poster size.

The most popular size are A1 for hospitality industry like restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels and theatres.

and A0 size for Research and presentation posters.


Bulk Poster Printing

To achieve a cheaper poster printing rates and faster turn around, bulk poster poster printing is the way to go. Perfect for fast moving wild-posting campaigns or shops that need new signage in a hurry, we do bulk poster printing at the lowest possible pricing so you can get your posters up on a wall faster.

How to create a poster

With modern day creative online designing platforms or APP on your mobile phone, you can easily create an eye catching, astonishing poster in minutes. Don't pay the printer for something you can do in just a few swipes, once done, leave the hard bit for us, which is printing you poster to the highest quality your design can produce.

How to choose .file format for your posters

Always store images in CMYK colour mode and use only high resolution photographs minimum 300 dpi in the size of the artwork. For graphics, try to use vector files whenever possible. Photos are made of pixels. The more you zoom in, the more pixels you become and the more blurred your image will be. Vector graphics occupy some memory, and you can enlarge them as you see them without compromising their quality, then SAVE YOUR FILE in .pdf format.

What is the poster printed on?

Indoor posters are usually printed on 200gsm thick paper, however we do stocks  other materials for that Unique and classy looks.

Outdoor posters are printed on tear-resistant, waterproof paper for durability in all conditions. There are also vinyl stickers. You have a wide range of choices, so whether you’re working on a limited budget or printing bulk, there’s a poster paper for every application.

Where are posters used?

Posters are used everywhere. At the movies, at the restaurants, at school and universities, trade shows and conferences, and even in your office. Typical poster locations include:

– Advertising panels
– Hoardings
– Showcases and interiors
– Bars, clubs and restaurants
– Company Facilities
– Events and concert venues

The most wonderful thing about poster advertising is that people see the posters whether they want to or not. They don’t have to open a magazine or turn on the TV. The posters are already around us.

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  • Where is the fastest postcard printer?
    Unique Print in Sydney provides the fastest postcard printing compare to other printers. Same day and urgent request can acheive via a quick email or phone call.
  • Flyer FAQ?
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  • What are the printing standard sizes?
    Ranging from Large to Small A0 (1189mm x 841mm) Posters / banners A1 (841mm x 594mm) Posters / A-Frame sign A2 (594mm x 420mm) Posters A3 (420mm x 297mm) Posters, POS Signs A4 (297mm x 210mm) Standard document size A5 (210mm x 148.5mm) Flyers / Menues A6 (148.5mm x 105mm) Flyers / Post cards BC (90mm x 55mm) Business cards
  • What document binding service available?
    We have 1- Perfect binding (books and porfolios) 2 - Tape binding (economical option for books / porfolios) 3 - Wire binding ( Most suitable option for documents) 4 - Comb binding ( plastic type ring bind for notes )
  • Where to print posters for Sydney Uni
    Print @ Unique Print in Broadway/Chippendale. 154 Broadway Chippendale NSW
  • Where to print A0 research posters
    Unique Print offer A0 printing on fabric stocks. Fabric stock is the most suitable media for A0 research posters, offering easy to pin up and easy to fold and place in suitcase for travelling.
  • How long does it take to print a research poster
    Research Posters usually take about 25 minutes to print, but they can take up to an hour or more, especially when high resolution or numerous photos and graphics are used or if an image has been used for a background. Come see us on the day and we will fast track your order process.
  • What is the standard research poster size?
    In Australia and the academic reseach community, research posters are mostly print as an A0 size (1189mm x 841mm). This is due to the board size available to the presenter. We also print custom sizes, if its approximately A0. You wont pay any extra.
  • How much does it cost to print a research poster?
    A0 size $70.00 Print on a digital fabric for easy fold up and travel. we have quanity discounts if print more than 1. So get a team and print together and pay as low as $53.00 per poster Unique Print offer the most affordable research poster for academic students and researchers.
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